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You have a website that appeals to a religious or ultra-Orthodox audience

Your site is worth to advertisers

a lot of money!

We specialize in advertising in the religious sector. Our goal is to provide the top level of exposure quality based on your requests. We hope that with our services you will get the best exposure And focusing on your specific target audience. Discover the amazing world of Glatt Media

Join the revolution of publication approval and start making commercials now and immediately filtered content ownership and controlled!

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Not To Pursue Post

"No more chasing after advertisers, really it is the easiest of passive income!"

"I can not believe what a headache you save me for your wonderful service. No more persecution after advertisers, rather a waste of hours on search campaigns and appropriate daily update manually and tedious. Finally through passive income really easy and clean!"

Tamar Elroy, an occupational therapist, Karney Shomron

Content Control

"No longer afraid advertisements that do not fit our sector"

"Since I joined the service of Glatmdih, I can sleep peacefully. I'm not afraid I will inject advertisements diet with a girl immodestly dressed, or advertising Messianic Jews, as happened to me with Google ads and Surfers abandoned forever"

Nathaniel Cohen, Mashgiach, Elad
Max Money

More money for advertising on the site

"There is no doubt that our public has the power! You have become a major factor swing it impossible to pay him more or divorced. Now finally comes earn as targeted niche sites rather than the way it was today."

Yishai Meiri, an Internet entrepreneur, Modi'in Illit
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Not To Pursue Post
"They told me to come back when you will have 1000 ..."

If you have a hundred visitors a day and tried to interest advertisers must have won an answer: "When will you go back to 1000". When you got to 1,000 a day and you went to? Probably told you: "When will you come back to 20,000." Familiar? Painfully. Well, we have people in line. It really does not matter to us if you have three users or 30,000, our point of view it requires the same effort (or rather, the lack Mamtz), and you? This is an opportunity for you to join a huge venture and friendly, with a huge potential for profit is easy.

But that's not all! Since we represent the entire sector, which has in it hundreds of sites, with each site facing hundreds of thousands of visitors, then you need from other advertisers run, but they themselves are approaching you. We allow you the platform you choose the ads that fit you, the advertiser pays ... and we are all satisfied.
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Content Control
SOS! Immodestly dressed woman starring in my site!

If you thought earning through advertisements on the site, the simplest most obvious way is to join the Google ads (Google Adsense). But, the problem Google is not simple - joining indeed immediately, but tomorrow morning you may find a woman dressed immodestly advert diet on your site, or alternatively advertising Messianic Jews solicit users to join Christianity as from here to an angry response from users and abandoned their brief The truth? Understandable.

Advertisements with content that are worthy of a mission for me With us it will never happen to you. For the simple reason that we, like you, it is important to keep the Internet clean and stay true to our values. Therefore, we do not have an automatic inspection, but the test is done manually, with each advertiser examined under a magnifying glass, long before we confirm his campaign.

Full control over all advertising and publicity In practice, he is asked to present to the committee our spiritual its advertising and we confirm or deny the publication. It has the option of course to get us a series of recommendations to change depending on the image and message (and is very happy for him to do so), after all, is his way of finally reaching audiences hitherto refrained from it.

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Start making money from advertising on your site!

To this day, if I decided to try to earn through advertisements on the site, or forced to pay salespeople sell advertising on the site (which does not leave you a profit), or choose a bank that thrives advertisements of mediation between advertising advertisers.

I soon discovered that this was the time to pump. Nothing is done automatically, forcing you to keep up to date on a daily basis about the relevance of each campaign, in other words, you actually become a kind of black laborer who works for the Bank of advertisements and free.

You deserve to earn also on exposure and clicking!

And as if that was not enough, you find out your surprise that the Bank of advertisements pay only for leads and completely ignores exposures or clicks. Oh well, at least for the leads you hoped to earn. mistake! If anywhere near paying for segmented and focused a lot of money, the general public has yet our public face has a significant presence, and hence these banks "do not count" any reward us at floor prices.

Us your child is worth more. much more!

Us your child is worth more than a point. And why? That we consortia under us hundreds of publishers, making us a significant niche factor, has bargaining power in front of advertisers, when the bottom line is, you're the big winner. But that's not all! You have also the possibility to be compensated for exposure or clicks, and who decides that it's just you.

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1. 87% of publishers indicate a significant increase in the level of their revenue from advertisements, in the first month!


More than 40,000 new users, every month are exposed to advertisements audited


Satisfaction survey we conducted among our customers, 95% were highly satisfied with the service


100% of publishers indicated that all advertisements without exception, were of appropriate content worthy of the sector


We value our partners and believe that our program of partnership is very effective business tool that opens many advantages for its participants.

Getting Started

How you can earn from advertising?

If you have an active website where visitors browsing, you can use it as a platform to display advertisements. In other words, while surfers already visiting your site, they are exposed to advertisements that you have chosen to display them. As more users watch commercials or will click on them, you will earn more money. Simple and easy.

How It Works bottom line?

Really it's just terrible. You register for free, enters our site, watching the commercials that show him and signifies the appropriate ads to you. We send you a code to embed in website (it can and should help our support team) and from that moment on, every time a surfer clicks or advertisements will be exposed to them you will get money.

It says the bottom line is there are two simple things you need to do now, to earn maximum money from your website starting today: The first is to simply sign up for automatic and confirm your registration by return mail, and the second is to implement the code that we can have ...


Let's be in touch. It's easy!

Whether you're a famous old site that exploits the advertising platform and whether this is the first time you try this revenue channel, we will be happy to help you with any questions. At first we encourage you Sign up right now Service site (it's free!) Watch our training, Get Support To implement the unique code from us and start making money from advertising on the site, easily and without any fear of contents hacked or inappropriate. Have a question? We have an answer! If you have any additional questions that you want to get them an answer, this is just the place to raise them in writing and send to us. We will be happy to help you start earning from ads on your site. It's good for you and it's good for us. The so-called Winwin.

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